If you want to learn how to be free, this is the place to be. We’ve got 3D printing (guns, et al), decentralized finance using cryptocurrencies, and personal and political freedom through the discussion of politics and political philosophies. Do you want to learn about tending your own garden? Join me on my own journey through learning gardening. Do you want to learn about guns and self-protection? Follow me for sound advice and recommendations. Do you want to get personal finance under control? I’ve got your back with DeFi and general personal finance knowledge.

This blog is for everyone who wants to learn about market anarchism and voluntaryism, and for the people to have discussions, which I expect and encourage, on all the subjects contained within. From the neophytes in anarchism to the gurus of philosophy, this is meant as a forum to learn and expand on political philosophy. Along with that, I’ve got some knowledge about guns and personal finance, which I’m more than happy to share.

I’m a combat arms veteran of the US Army who’s an accountant now. I’ve lived in various places around the United States and have visited several different countries in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. I’m interested in freedom through politics and personal finance. I’ve been interested in personal liberty for a few years and have migrated from conservative to libertarian to voluntaryist over the past two years or so. I welcome the opportunity to have this blog as a chance to share what I’ve learned and to grow as a person.

Say hi to me on Twitter: @LibertyLostBoy or send an email: admin@libertylostboy.com.

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